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We operate in partnership with posi2ive, our partner VC impact community for Founders / Angels / LPs / Family Offices, helping drive the a shared focus on Venture Scale Positive Impacts.

Our Partner Community

Our partner community shares focus on Venture Scale Positive Impacts 💚

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We aim to make a lasting impact through our partner community, along with the Founders we back out of the fund, LPs who invest in us, and VCs/Angels we co-invest with. Metrics tracked since 2019.

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We're proud to collaborate with a community of 10k+ people across the world.


Nearly 1k members (Founders/Angels/VCs in THE HIVE -- part of Twitter/X sub community.


400+ members as part of the private VC impact sub-community.


75+ articles on impact, from #GoodMarkets,  highlighting members via #EVOLve series, and other research.

Live Events

Participated in 200+ live events and community hosted roundtables over the years around #VC_impact focus.


35+ interviews produced via the community, with VCs and Founders focused on various impact verticals.

Why our Community?

Building with others, paying-it-forward, and collaborating helps us scale impact together.


Connection: The community brings together a highly diverse group of Angels/LPs/Founders focused on a shared goal.


Insight: We encourage sharing strategic resources, and paying-it-forward in the spirit of learning together.


Amplification: Sharing stories is part of the experience: 100s of articles and roundtables produced to date for members.


Reach: In the open forums, Founders get a chance to share their journey and perspectives -- encourages each team.

Community helps Founders and Investors create shared value, and it's enjoyable!

Our community is led by people experienced in scaling Sustainability and Social Good.

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Check out some of the community content, and join in the impact we're making with the posi2ive community.

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Articles and Interviews

Access the complete written repository from the posi2ive community since 2019 for free.

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Our partner podcast link via posi2ive

Listen to our Podcast

Take a deep dive with Founders/GPs and Experts focused on impact in venture.

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A link to our roundtable interviews w/ Sabe Karim of FAVS

Impact Rountables

We often host Impact Roundtables with Founders in our portfolio, and with Angels/VCs/Founders.

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Passion / Purpose / Profit graphic

The 3Ps of VC impact

How can Product-Market-Fit and Founder-Market-Fit tie into venture outcomes?

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A highlight of our community evolve series

Founder/Investor Highlights

Check out our #EVOLve series, highlighting the why and mission behind the people in our community.

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2020 VC Impact Landscape

VC Impact Landscape 2020

Independent research on startups and the UN SDGs, shared by Zecca Lehn.

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