Positive Impacts are the Future of Venture Capital

We're a PreSeed VC Impact Fund, on a mission to back remarkable teams, focused on Sustainability and Social Good. πŸ’š


Why you're building your venture geared startup, is almost as important as who you're building it for. We aim to understand this on a team level.


Is your customer willing to pay for your product or technology? We want to discover this with your team at PreSeed.Β Β 


What is it about the mission you are passionate about building for, that gives your startup a unique strategic advantage? We call this an impact moat.


Where is your startup planning to go? And how could it disrupt the market and create lasting positive impacts? We aim to back remarkable teams uniquely qualified.

Who we invest in

We encourage rapid scale, exponential impact, all aspects of inclusion, ethics, integrity, and customer love.

We support our Founders in realizing their Venture Scale Positive Impacts.

Our mission is to back remarkable teams
focused on Venture Scale Positive Impacts.

The Team

We want to support your unique impacts

We Catalyze at PreSeed for Sustainability and Social Good

Your impact-moat is our financial opportunity.

A Sustainability photo to highlight our dedication.


We see the the physical and built world as a place where technology and the environment intersect. We aim to back startups who are aligned with our core values, and promote a healthier planet.

The Social Good image to highlight our dedication.

Social Good

We see the the social and cultural environment as a place where technology and people intersect. We aim to back startups who are aligned with our core values, and promote a healthier society.

In partnership with the posi2ive community, we're here to support teams gearing toward VC impact

Our community posi2ive is catalyzed by leaders focused on both Social Good and Sustainability.

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